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This Year's Contest -- in Pictures

by SF BASiL on November 23, 2014 84 Comments

This year's contest was amazing, and the pictures of the event capture that. Here are some of the highlights captured in photos by Rich Stadtmiller. Pictured above,the initial lineup of all the contestants, from left to right: Robert, Jackie, Stephen, Neshima, and MasterGym.

Senator Mark Leno's office awards a certificate to outgoing titleholder Jay Hall for his service a Mr. Sober Leather SF 2014.

Pictured above, outgoing titleholder Jay Hall, Mr. Sober Leather SF 2014, receives an award from the office of California Senator Mark Leno. 

Emcees Miss Truffles and Thib Guicherd-Callin

Pictured above: Miss Truffles Thib Guicherd-Callin.

Clammy Fae and her boy Ken.

Pictured above: Clammy Fay and her boy Ken. 


Pictured above: Entertainer Berlin

Other titleholders and clubs representing.

Pictured above: Other titleholders and leather clubs representing at the contest.

Contest owners Lady Katerina Du Lac and Michael Brandon

Pictured above: Contest owners Lady Katerina Du Lac and Michael Brandon.

Contest owners and contestants

Pictured above: Contest owners and contestants.

Prior winner, current winners, contest founder.

Pictured above: Mr. Sober Leather 2014 Jay Hall; this year's winners, Stephen, Robert, and Jackie; and contest founder Lady Katerina Du Lac. 

Last year's contestants with the contest founder.

Pictured above, last year's contestants surrounding the contest founder, left to right: Trouble ...

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An apology... you are not cattle, or a quota

by SF BASiL on October 29, 2014 46 Comments

I want to offer an apology to the sober and leather communities. As owner and producer of the SF Sober Leather Contest and SF Bay Area Sober in Leather -SF BASIL I have been working hard gearing up for the SF Sober Leather 2015 Contest and I keep saying I need contestants, or need this or that. I can't speak for other contests but for me you aren't cattle, or some self perceived quota that needs to be filled. Up to this point I haven't given anyone a reason why to run. I am honored by those who have considered and said no, by those that said yes, and those that haven chosen to work on their sobriety, or wants to wait a year. We have a huge Leather title and pageantry circuit and many contests individuals can easily find a fit in. I started this contest ...

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its about the leather Heart verses how much gear or time in the community

by SF BASiL on October 29, 2014 79 Comments

Hello [person name removed]

I am Lady Katerina the owner of the SF Sober Leather contest. One of the great things about this contest is that is open to people from all backgrounds and levels in the BDSM community. As a sober person there are many who do not have the time they feel they need in order to run for title, the truth is many of us are new when it comes to trying to bring a union to their sober kink and leather selves. My judges understand that we have people who may be newer to the community. We look for people who have the Leather/kinkster Heart especially as one sober. Last year our title holder Jay was someone who was relatively new. He knew he was a kinkster, but he did not know where he fit it. I watched him find his Leather voice over the ...

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Bringing year 2 of the SF Sober Leather Contest to Light

by SF BASiL on October 28, 2014 41 Comments

Hello I am Katerina du Lac aka Lady Katerina - Phoenix Rising, I am the owner of the SF Sober Leather Contests. We are in year two of the contests, this year I have been told from PR points of view that I need to keep things completely on a positive note. However, for me keeping things on a positive note is actually keeping things real, showing integrity in all that we do. SF Sober Leather Contest and the SF Bay Area Sober in Leather -SF BASIL was started to provide a place and home to those who battled addiction and are trying to live a life that allows an union between their sober lives and their leather/kink lives.

I was privileged and honored by questions posed to me by individuals who I not only respect and honored but consisered my Elders. When I started this, I started planning this ...

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