SF BASiL is an inclusive, sober-centered community organization that caters to but not limited to the leather, kink, BDSM, fetish communities in the greater SF Bay Area.

Its purpose is to organize and network with other individuals and businesses in providing safe and sober alternatives away from the bar scene, to unite the sober communities on either side of the bay, to reach out to those who wish to lead a sober lifestyle, help those in recovery, and be a beacon of strength and hope to those who looking for a solution.

SF BASiL was established in 2013 during the development of the SF Sober Leather Contest, in which it took on its own form as parent company overseeing this inaugural leather title. SF BASiL was formed in reply to the a very serious look at the 12 Traditions in recovery to see how such a title contest  can be accomplished.

While the SF Sober Leather Contest does not endorse nor do we affiliate ourselves with any particular 12 step program or recovery model, the mission of parenting body that oversees the contest, SF Bay Area Sober in Leather, is to help create sober-centered spaces and activities.  The contest is also a sober title open to those who desire a sober life outside of active addiction of any type its not a recovery title, which allows for those who don't struggle with addiction, drink or use can also find a safe place to call home.