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This years beneficiary is Maitri

About SF Bay Area Sober in Leather -SF BASiL

The second SF Bay Area Sober in Leather Contest took place on November 15, 2014 at SF Citadel and saw the selection of Mr. and Ms. SF Sober Leather 2015 and SF Sober Kinkster 2015 in front of a full audience. The Saturday night contest show was emceed by entertainers Thib Guicherd-Callin and Miss Truffles.

The winners, named among a field of five candidates, are Mr. SF Sober Leather 2015 Stephen, Ms. SF Sober Leather 2015 Jackie, and SF Sober Kinkster 2015 Robert Moore. It was the SF Sober Kinkster title's inaugural year.

"We are blessed with the outpouring of support from the Bay Area Leather Community," said contest producer Katerina du Lac. "We have created a beacon, unbeknown to us when we started the contest, that is reaching farther than our immediate community," she added. Guicherd-Callin confirmed during the show that when he travels to other communities, strangers nationwide express interest in the sober-centered leather contest pioneered in the Bay Area.

The judging panel for the Mr. SF Sober Leather title consisted of Mr. SF Sober Leather 2014 Jay Hall; Mr. SF Sober Leather 2013 Trouble; writer and educator Asher; entertainer Sir Beth Bicoastal; and Ms. Alameda County Leather 2013 Christy Ford. Hall, Trouble and Asher were reunited from the inaugural SF Sober Leather class.

Judges for the Ms. SF Sober Leather title included Mr. San Francisco Leather 2014 Scoot "Bigred" Farrell; bootblack Irish Grrl; Iron Dom 2012 Lou; and sexologist and Center for Sex and Culture co-founder Dr. Carol Queen.

The inaugural SF Sober Kinkster title was judged by Mr. San Francisco Leather Ray Tilton; Ms. Alameda County Leather 2014 girl Mel Sparkles; American Leatherboy 2011 and 2012 boy Tyler Fong; and American Billboard recording artist Raquela. Tilton served as head judge for the weekend.

Tallymasters Mr. San Francisco Leather 2011 Lance Holman and Mr. Sacramento Bolt Leather 2013 Robert Brooks oversaw the scoring. Sound and lighting was provided by Rover Spotts while Mona Davi served as stage manager.

The candidates were judged on interviews, stage presentation, an on-stage question, and a speech. Each of the 3 titleholders has to hold at least 3 fundraisers and create sober-centered kink-friendly events that are bar alternatives. One fundraiser has to be held for this year’s beneficiary, Maitri, a community hospice for those living with AIDS.

"Our candidates did amazing job and we are honored to have three new title holders who represent the Leather Kinkster Heart," du Lac stated. "SF Bay Area Sober in Leather and the SF Sober Leather Contest sincerely thank Jay Hall, Mr. SF Sober Leather 2014, for his leadership and his service to our community."

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